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Our beautiful dogs Lenny, Goose and Turkey

My husband Matt and I

I adore softly lit scenes, natural laughter and a pop of colour. With a camera in hand, my aim is to capture images that convey not only deep emotion but also those that inspire a little bit of magic.

I very quickly became consumed with the art of photography, a welcome obsession that has since enabled me to pursue a profession that truely inspires me.

My true passion was found the day I picked up my first camera in early 2015 and I haven’t been able to put it down since.

I initially pursued a very different style of career as a Pharmacist. It wasn’t long after earning this qualification however, that I realised it just wasn’t for me.

Originally from the Adelaide Hills

wedding & travel photographer


I'm Katie

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Katie Purling is a Cairns based wedding & elopement photographer who adores softly lit scenes, natural laughter and a pop of colour.